Acquired by Campofresco in 1997, this brand previously owned by Erly Juice / Tree Sweet in Houston, Texas. The main product being Orange Plus in concentrate form, it attracted consumers because of its flavor, ease of preparation, price, and efficient storage. 

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 One 12 fl oz container yielded 48 fl oz of a delicious and refreshing and pulpy orange beverage. 

Once Campofresco became the proprietor of “Plus”, it took advantage of the brand recognition to extend the variety of flavors, adding tropical fruits and including a ready-to-drink beverage in a chilled carton and maintaining the quality of these juice beverages.

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The Plus family, which began with Orange Plus, Grape Plus, Tropical Plus and Lemonade Plus, now harbors an extended family, which includes Pineapple Plus, Acerola Plus, Pink Grapefruit Plus, Grapeberry Plus and Passion Fruit Plus.


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