Established in 1892, the Lotus brand has been a common household name in Latino and Caribbean markets. Made with only the freshest and juiciest pineapples, Lotus has earned an international reputation as the producer of the finest pineapple juice in the world.

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Anyone who hears “Lotus” will immediately think of the most delicious pineapple juice.

Initially owned by Autoridad de Tierras (Land Authority of Puerto Rico), Lotus was acquired by Campofresco in 1995, and the pineapple processing operations were moved to Santa Isabel.

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Once in these facilities, Lotus products were made available in a variety of packages: cartons, PET bottles, pouches for the school lunch program and, obviously, the tin can in both 7.0 and 42 oz fl.

Besides the pineapple juice – the main ingredient for a real “piña colada”, other juice options are available under this brand. Among them, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Grape juice, Fruit punch and Pineapple Guava.

Look for the new Lotus image, fresher, brighter and appealing to all the senses, but most of all, to taste.


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