Campofresco Corp. is a juice and beverage co-packing and manufacturing company from Puerto Rico. We export, produce, and co-pack fruit products and beverages for our own proprietary brands, and for national and private labels. If you have an idea for a new beverage or fruit product, we can help you, from its original formulation until it is ready for export. At Campofresco, we can do it all for you!

Campofresco Corporation, founded in 1982, is the most modern and versatile manufacturing and co-packing company for fruit juice, beverages, nectars, concentrates, and alcoholic cocktails in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

The original vision of our associates was to manufacture the Caribik Sun passion fruit nectar, an instant favorite in the market. Expecting further operational growth, Campofresco’s facilities were moved to Santa Isabel in 1992, in a strategically located site belonging to an old agricultural industry zone. In the most recent expansion—which was completed in January of 2007—Campofresco’s buildings surpassed 200,000 ft2 and 9 packaging lines.

Campofresco stands out because of its juices and nectars made from tropical fruit, such as passion fruit, Caribbean cherry, tamarind, and soursop. However, we also make products from more traditional fruits (grape, apple, and pear, for example), aside from refreshing fruit juices and alcoholic beverages.

Our products have become trendsetters in the beverage packing industry. In our mission to become an authorized packer for internationally renowned brands, we consistently work to comply with very strict quality and process standards, and we undergo external audits and certifications from worldwide quality management systems, such as Safe Quality Foods (SQF). The company hopes to obtain the SQF Level 2 (Safety) certification in 2017, by following the SQF code, edition 7.2.

Campofresco is committed to the development of healthy high-quality products that will fully satisfy our consumers… and yours. That is our commitment to you!