About Us

Campofresco Corp. is a juice and beverage co-packing and manufacturing company from Puerto Rico. We export, produce, and co-pack fruit products and beverages for our own proprietary brands, and for national and private labels. If you have an idea for a new beverage or fruit product, we can help you, from its original formulation until it is ready for export. At Campofresco, we can do it all for you!

Our Brands

We manufacture fruit products under our own proprietary brands, from 100% natural juice to frozen concentrates and alcoholic beverages.

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Production Lines

Our production lines incorporate the latest in packaging technology, in response to the changing trends in the juice and beverage industry, such as the replacement of traditional tin cans for aluminum cans, and the replacement of glass and PE (polyethylene) bottles for hot-blown and hot-filled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles.


Campofresco operates from a 200,000-ft2 facility, featuring 13 production lines, in addition to warehouse and office space. Our manufacturing plant is strategically located 15 minutes away from the port-town of Ponce and 45 minutes away from San Juan.

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